Find out what happens when formerly smooth-brained Apes grow a wrinkle -- or two. These Apecademics are not the smartest per se, but rather slightly less degenerate. Nonetheless, embark with the troop on a journey through the jungle that is Apecademia.WEBSITE V2 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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Details will be revealed in a step-by-step anticipative format with the accomplishment of each milestone.

MIlestone 1


marketing and building our community. We are reaching out to investors in various communities to keep an eye out for our mint details and constructing the discord. We are also building presence on social platforms. Priorities are:

  1. Finalizing projects to whitelist

  2. Informing members in other spaces

  3. Answering questions and concerns

Introduction to Project

We are Apecademia. We are three college students in Washington, DC, initiating a project centered around the theme of Academia that we see professors and scientists around us partake in.At the community level, we see the team becoming very active and involved with the members as it’s a project surrounding the theme of making the NFT space more welcoming and anti-rug. These are some values we will uphold in our NFT community.The brief information of our project can be found on our profile.The supply has already been generated. We are trying to build a community to mint to in a very low-cost, low-risk, and high reward experience.The 6 layers are:
- Graduation Cap: the color of the tassel will be a determinant of your discipline within Apecademia.
- Wrist: watch, bracelet, none, etc.
- Mouth: expression of your mouth or item in it as well.
- Face: facial hair, and none
- Fur: the theme of your ape’s fur
- Background: solid color (possible implementation of animated office in roadmap)

How do we want to do the mint and collaborate?

  • First and foremost, we would like to keep our mint low-risk for everyone from whitelist communities and the public by keeping the cost FREE.

  • The Solana blockchain is an affordable blockchain. An applied 5% royalty will be just enough to allow us to expand our community and network with teams doing other projects.

  • The whitelisting and collaboration details are completely flexible and negotiable. We want to hear from project leaders and cater to their community.

  • We will also be whitelisting early community members.

Wen Mint?
Announced. Please move on to the next milestone :)

MIlestone 2

We are working on…

ensuring smooth enrollment (mint) of all Apecademics. Priorities are:

  1. Optimizing Solana mint programs

  2. Airdropping whitelist tokens

  3. Deployment of on-site minting

  4. Revealing metadata post-mint

Apecademia Graduation

Wen Mint?
The Apecademia Genesis collection will be available for mint at the page https://mintapecademia.xyz/ on June 19 00:00:00 GMT.
Type of Mint?
We will be doing a delayed-reveal mint. The metadata of all NFTs will be revealed within 48 hours of selling out the collection. The reveal is the graduation! More roadmap details forthcoming!
How Much?
The minting for an individual NFT is FREE.
How to Get Whitelisted?
Whitelist closed!